Recording Deals

Record your favourite song - £99

We provide the backing track, you get to record your favourite song and we'll record you, edit, mix and master onto CD or MP3 (or both). 45 minutes recording, plus 1.5 hours editing, mixing and mastering. Suitable for all ages.

Record your band live - £165

Book in for a live recording (1 hour recording, and up to 3 hours editing, mixing and mastering).

Record your band pro - £299

Book in for a professional recording of your band for the day. We'll record, edit, mix and master your band in 1 day (up to 4 hours recording, 4 hours editing, mixing & mastering).

All recording deals are subject to availability and are based on weekdays (including bank holidays) between 9am and 6pm. Evenings and weekend are subject to a 30% premium.

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