Practice rooms usually all come with:

PA, Mics, Drum kit (minus cymbals) and speaker cabs (subject to availability - please check when booking).


Room charges are as follows:

Rooms 2 & 3 (basic - up to 4 people) - £10/hr

Rooms 1 & 4 (medium - up to 6 people) - £12/hr

Studio 2 (large - up to 8 people) - £13/hr

Studio 1 (large - up to 8 people) - £14/hr. 


Cancellation Policy

Please note that all bookings including rehearsal rooms are booked  subject to a cancellation charge for cancellations and amendments (including re-arranging dates) if less than 48 hours is not provided.

Fees are:

£10 for less than 48 hours' notice

£full original booking charge for less than 24 hours' notice

Hourly recording rates start at £40/hour recording and editing/mixing/mastering time
Commercial Rates (for commerce/retail recording) are £60/hour

We can also give you all the tracks (instruments) separately in wav format - so you can experiment with all the mixing you need - at home.

Vocalists & Voiceovers:

£40 per hour

Remember: the cost of your project, is determined by how well rehearsed you are. So do a lot of practising before you record.


£195 for up to 12 kids 

We can provide most backing tracks for a nominal charge, and we'll record and mix the song. Tip - make sure you know all the words and the song really well to avoid paying for unnecessary studio time (why not book a room?)

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